Commercials will sell, when done right!

Drone Photography   •   July 28, 2018

You will agree with me that the question as to whether a commercial will sell or not disturbs many firms as well as marketing agencies. But what makes a commercial sell? The answer can vary from one professional to another based on their individual experiences. But we cannot refute the fact that any commercial done right will sell. The bone of contention lays in the definition of the word ‘right’ in this context. Based on the fact that our professional team as for several years produced hundreds of ads and videos it is in the right position to describe what characterizes a commercial done in the right way.

Characteristics of a Commercial Done in the Right Way

Most importantly, a commercial that elicits emotions and delivers the message in a straightforward manner is guaranteed to generate sales. A perfect example that fits in this category is the 2016 Audi R8 “Commander.” To date, this is my favorite commercial because of two things. First, the joy it evokes when I see the retired astronaut ‘celebrate’ his son handed him the key to the new Audi R8 v10 plus. Secondly, the message was clear, it is amazing to choose exploration and technology. To sum up, because of the two points, 2016 Audi R8 “Commander” has remained in my memory two years after it was first released. Besides that, I have shared it severally to people when also liked it. This shows the power of a commercial done in a right way.