Why Videography is a Great Way to Generate Sales

Drone Photography   •   July 1, 2018

When you click on websites of big and multinational companies like Apple, you’ll notice the rich use of videos conveying specific information about their products such as the slim design of their phones. This has been the trend in the past few years. Based on a study conducted by Digital Sherpa, an online marketing outlet, the use of videos is ample in boosting audience’s comprehension of the business by at least 74 percent while watching videos accounts for over 30 percent of audience activities. This is an indication that almost a third of the online traffic prefers watching videos. Partly, it explains why videos have become so popular in marketing

There is no doubt that whichever type of business you own or operate, video marketing is the newest trend you should invest in. According to Treepodia team, incorporating a product video on the landing page boosts conversions by 80 percent regardless of the category in which it is deployed. But how can videography possible result to increased sales?